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Digital Black and White Landscape Photography

Format:  PDF  –  Digital  Download  _  Size:  75Mb  /  82 Pages

PLUS  MP4  Video  Duration  =  56  minutes  –  633 Mb  Digital  Download

  • Part 1 – Vision & Intent – Why, Art & Craft, Suitable Intent, Visualisation Approaches, Suitable Light, Suitable Subjects, Visual Design, Technical Capture, Filters
  • Part 2 – Realising your Vision – Approaching B&W processing, From Concept to Image, Color & Tone, Processing Tools & Work Flow
Digital Black and White Landscape Photography

US$ 20


Format: PDFDigital Download

Size: 39MB | 58 PAGES

GETTING STARTED – RAW vs JPEG, Bit Depth, Import & Organize, The Workspace, Keywords & Collections
DEVELOPMENT BASICS – What is Raw Development, Introducing the Tools
GLOBAL ADJUSTMENTS –  Exposure, Color & Mood, Controlling Contrast, Impact, Suitability, Tunnel Vision, Lens Corrections, Noise Reduction & Sharpening

PLUS MP4 Video Duration

1Hr 15m – 943Mb Digital Download

1: Import & Organize – 10m 28s
2: Development Basics – 15m 33s
3: Global Adjustments Part I – 10m 18s
4: Global Adjustments Part II – 15m 17s
5: Case Studies – 12m 00s
6: Presets, Noise Reduction, Sharpening & Export for Web

US$ 15

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Time for a fresh and innovative new approach


Each e-module builds upon and complements the others.


Telling you what you need to know – How both Authors would have liked to read.


Money Back Guarantee, issue refund without further email.


Many e-modules contain custom recorded processing videos.


US$ 10


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Learning to See & Visual Design

Format: PDF – Digital Download | Size: 35Mb | 40 Pages

What You Will Learn:

LEARNING TO SEE – Barriers to See, How the camera sees, Learning to See.

VISUAL DESIGN – Natural and Arranged Visual Design, Light as generator of visual design, Color, Tone, Color Intensity & Contrast, Points, Lines, Texture.


US$ 10


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The Practical Guide to Exposure

Format: PDF – Digital Download Size: 26Mb | 56 Pages

INTRODUCING EXPOSUREModes, Metering, The Histogram, What is a Good Exposure, Creative Modes, Exposure Compensation.

SINGLE FRAME EXPOSURES Dynamic Range and Extended Single Exposures.

MULTIPLE FRAME EXPOSURESBracketing and Creative Bracketing.

A complete guide to Seascape Photography

Alister Benn wanted to create a product to teach contemporary Photography that really gives all the information that is required to get out there and make amazing seascape images.

  • Part 1 – Vision & Composition
  • Part 2 – Single Frame Technique – Exposure & Focus
  • Part 3 – Multiple Frame Technique – 1hour45minutes video on youtube

US$ 20

A compelete Guide to Seascape Photography

Seeing the Unseen – How to Photography Landscape at night

Format: PDF – Digital Download: 13.5Mb / 98 Pages

Available Night Light – Blue Hour, Light Pollution, Light Painting, The Lunar Month.

The Science of Preparation – Why Prepare, Familiarity, Twighlight, Moon Phase, Weather, Seasons, Tides

Getting Started – Scene Evaluation, High ISO Test Shot, Focus at Night, The 500 Rule

Exposure – Metering, Noise, Histograms, Correct Exposure, RAW Files, White Balance, Dynamic Range

Composition  – Expression,  Visualisation in  The Dark,  Subjects, Focus

In the field Case Study – Blue Hour, Dark Nights, Bright Nights

US$ 15

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Namibia English

US$ 10

100 Pages

PDF formate

Size of file: 39 MB

40 Full pages of text

26 high-res Photographs

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A photographer’s Vision of  Namibia

This is an exquisitely beautiful eBook. Beyond that, though, it is more than just a collection of beautiful images, and speaks of the author’s connection with the subjects – something so sorely missing in much of today’s photography. In a world where anyone with the means to afford the trip and high-quality gear can produce…    Guy Tal

A photographer’s Vision of  Scotland

At last a book which goes much beyond the mere technical aspects of photography. This excellent ebook unveils the creative process behind a series of great photographs from one of the leading Spanish landscape photographers.  ” Jose Martínez

US$ 10

90 Pages

PDF formate

Size of file: 46 MB

38 Full pages of text

26 high-res Photographs

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Scotland EN-1

About the Authors

Alister Benn
Alister BennCo-director & Author
Alister is an award-winning Scottish landscape photographer who has spent over a decade photographing the Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet and SW China – especially at night.

His Harvesting Light eBooks on Night & Seascape Photography have become definitive guides to those subjects.

He now lives in the NW Highlands of Scotland with his wife and Whytake co-director Juanli Sun, where they making intimate images of the remote Scottish Landscape.

Rafael Rojas
Rafael RojasCo-director & Author
Spanish-born Rafael is a world-renowned fine art landscape photographer, with an incredible pedigree of awards, including the 2014 Hasselblad Master.

He lives in Switzerland with his wife and co-director Anca Minican, where they conduct private workshops and work on Rafael’s impressive Fine Art Prints.

Rafael has published a number of books including his Photographer’s Vision Series as well as fine art coffee table books.